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Trying to find the right commercial space?

We represent businesses through the selection and negotiation process to help them secure the ideal space.

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Securing the perfect space should be simple.

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Strategic Guidance

Every tenant deserves expert advice to find the space that fits their unique needs and business goals.

Effortless Transition

Tenants should move into their new space with ease and confidence, knowing every detail has been handled.

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Fair Dealings

Tenant representation is about bridging the gap with fairness and advocacy, services we believe all tenants should enjoy.

Finding the ideal space is easier said than done.


Leverage Our Market Knowledge


Introductory Call

Everyone has a story and we'd love to hear yours. Give us a call to discuss your background, your business, your niche or unique quality that makes you stand out in the market and your goals for the future along with your plan to achieve those goals.


In-Person Meeting

To help us see where you're going with your business, it helps to understand where you've been.  A brief visit to see your current layout, discover what you like and dislike about it, and what the optimum layout looks like for your next location ensures an optimal outcome.


Site Location Tours

After we know what it is you are looking for, and spending countless hours gathering market information on your behalf, vetting opportunities, narrowing results and assembling a tour on your schedule, we will put eyes on the best sites to identify the prime opportunities for you based on location, demographics and economics.


Negotiate and Close

Once we close in on the top contender for your next location, we will negotiate the best deal possible for your lease, on terms that match your moving and buildout timeline, for the best possible outcome to achieve your stated goals.  And we will remain your advocate for as long as you require. Partners for as long as you need us.

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There’s no better time than now to begin! Let us know your availability and we will reach out to schedule a call or visit.


Lease terms can vary, but they typically include the duration of the lease, rental rates, security deposit requirements, renewal options, and any specific clauses related to maintenance, repairs, or modifications.

Additional costs may include common area maintenance fees (CAM), property taxes, insurance, and utilities. We help tenants to understand all the expenses beyond the base rent.

We research any zoning restrictions to ensure that the property meets accessibility requirements, especially if your business relies on specific zoning regulations.

Tenants often inquire about their ability to sublease the space to another party or assign the lease to someone else. Lease terms usually include provisions related to subleasing and assignments.

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