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Struggling to Find Reliable Tenants?

We connect property owners with qualified tenants, managing every aspect to ensure a perfect match and smooth occupancy.

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The best tenant mix maximizes property value.

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Effective Management

Every landlord deserves an expert team ensuring the tenant acquisition process is efficient and comprehensive.

Stress-Free Ownership

Landlords should be confident in their Landlord Rep Team, knowing that marketing and follow up is ongoing.

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Measurable Growth

Landlord Reps enhance the value of your assets by balancing lease term with incentives and T.I. budgets.

Finding the BEST Tenant is easier said than done.


How to Benefit from VIP Executive Realty's knowledge and experience


Introductory Call

We would love to hear about your background, the goals you had for the property when you acquired it, and the challenges you've faced in pursuit of those goals so that we can learn how to better serve you.


In-Person Meeting

A face-to-face meeting is essential to understand your property's position in the marketplace and how to accomplish the goals we agree are realistic and attainable, and in what time frame given market conditions.


Asset Marketing

Positioning your property in the market and targeting the best verticals for your particular space is critical to finding the best tenant prospects in the shortest timeframe. We take both a shotgun and rifle approach and handle all of the details.


Review and sign leases

After we have vetted the prospects, negotiated lease terms, prepared the documents and collected the deposits, all that remains is for you to execute the lease and collect a check each month.  We can also manage the properrty if you wish.

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Our strategy employs a more direct approach to filling vacancies. We obtain e-mail lists of local businesses that fit the verticals we discuss and target them directly, while also spreading the word to the local brokerage community.

We are in the market daily, speaking to owners, brokers and tenants about trends and rates in every submarket across our 7 counties. We also touch base regularly with agents across the state for a basis of comparison.

We are primarily Transaction Brokers, meaning we are here for all parties, to consummate a deal that is the best interest of all parties.

We are constantly in contact with the local EDCs, county zoning and regulation departments and attend occasional hearings to keep our ear to the ground so that we understand the ever-changing marketplace.

We establish a protocol that works with your schedule, and at a minimum, schedule a monthly call to discuss activity and strong candidates, but we inform you of each positive experience with a text or e-mail to keep you up to date.

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