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Add a quality revenue stream, for as little as $5 for life.

“It's very easy to be different but very difficult to be better.” – Jonathan Ive

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Adding a new revenue stream that works can be difficult.

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Quality Opportunities

Increasing profit margins through outsourced collaboration sounds great! However, finding someone actually "worth" collaborating with isn't usually easy.

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Enhanced Reputation

Continually being unable to find a third-party resource that provides value and makes your company look great is not only challenging but often very frustrating!

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Profitable Partnerships

With roughly 32 million businesses in the United States, it "should" be far easier to find quality like-minded businesses with whom to collaborate.

This platform is perfectly built to make you look like a rock-star!


How to become a "White Label Partner" with 4in10.


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Use the form below to connect with us. We will then schedule a time to get to know you and make sure entering into a white label relationship makes sense for both of us. 

If your business is all about helping other businesses prosper, you're likely an excellent fit for collaborating with us. 


Start Promoting

Promote your new service! Each time someone subscribers, you will earn a 50% commission. This is assuming you charge at least $250 monthly, or $2,000 annually. 

White Label Partners can charge less, but we require a minimum cut of $125 per month or $1,000 per year. 


Complete Setup

Once we know it makes sense to work together, we will go ahead and create your White Label Partner account. Then, you'll go in and configure your account, to start promoting. 

As a "White Label Partner," you have full access to the entire suite of services offered through our platform. 


Get Paid

As a White Label Partner, you will receive access to your own dashboard to review sales, commissions and subscribers. Also, commissions are paid through this dashboard. 

Maintain at least two subscribers a year, and your own monthly or annual subscription fee will be waived for life. 

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Good question! White labeling is when someone who creates a product or service, allows another company to sell it with their own branding. The platform we built is called 4in10. However, we allow other companies to sell subscriptions to 4in10, with their own name on the software. For example, our sister company (Joshua Lyons Marketing) is a WLP. They can sell subscriptions to Joshua Lyons Marketing's business management software. The subscriber never needs to know that 4in10 exists. Those who partner with us, through this type of white label approach, are our partners. We wish to help them, and in exchange, they help us connect with more businesses. So, these partners are our "White Label Partners," or WLPs for short.

For the most part, any business that helps other businesses, can be a good candidate for becoming a WLP. In fact, we've had some business professionals who've decided to start their own coaching/consulting practice, and to do so with the 4in10 platform as their means for providing value. But that's totally fine. Business coaches and consultants are greatly needed in the small business world. Other obvious WLPs are IT companies, marketing agencies or freelancers, CPAs, and anyone else who works directly with the business owner or decision makers.

Yes and no. We don't provide commissions for leads. However, if you sell someone on using our platform, and when they subscribe they indicate that you were the reason they subscribed, then we will provide you a lifetime commission on the referral, for as long as the subscriber remains with us.

We charge $5 for the first 90 days. Then, as long as the WLP affiliate has one active subscriber, paying the full standard price of $250 per month or $2,000 per year, the WLP will not be charged. 4in10 will make a 100% commission on the one subscribers, voiding out the subscription cost for the WLP. Then, going forward, it will be a 50/50 split for the commissions. This way, the WLP never has to pay more than $5. However, if the WLP is unable to secure one active subscriber within the first 90 days, their account will renew on day 91, for $125 per month. Once a single subscriber has been signed up, and as long as there remains an active subscriber brought on by the WLP, this monthly renewal will be waived for the WLP. The reason the renewal rate is $125 for the WLP is because we are providing them a discount of 50%, if they're having to pay out of pocket, due to the lack of subscribers.

Yes. If your subscribers are technical enough to know how to look at the source code, they could probably figure out that "4in10" is powering the whole thing. But, otherwise, there should be no 4in10 branding. If you happen to see any, please let us know so we can address it.

Yes. If it's a matter of removing something, that's a piece of cake. For example, if you're a marketing company that specializes in website development, you may not want your subscribers to have the ability to build their own website through this platform. So, removing "Website Builder" from your instance of the platform, is perfectly doable. If you want to add some additional features, or modify some features, that is possible as well. Though depending on the scope of the modifications, we may need to bill for development time on our end, to make those modifications. But it is doable.

You may if you like. However, it's not necessary. Since you will have your own 4in10 account, you'll also have your own website builder. And you can use the website builder to create your own landing pages, designed to promote to your clients and prospective clients. They will also register and login through your website that's created through the website builder.

It depends on the situation, but in most cases, 4in10 does. We will be creating a helpdesk in the coming months, making it easier for 4in10 to handle any customer service ticket requests. But until that time, if someone reaches out to you, needing assistance, just tell them thank you, ask for details about the issue they're experiencing, and let them know you'll pass that along to the development team, so we can address it.

It is new, and still in beta. Having said that, small bugs do come up from time to time. And in reality, we will probably be in beta through 2024. There are a ton of new features slated for development, within this platform. And until everything is done, we may experience some bugs in the system. That is to be expected. Our advice is to make it very clear to your prospective subscribers that this is in beta. Maybe tell them you're giving them a super good deal in exchange for patience and feedback. If they subscribe with that understanding, they'll probably be a lot easier to work with, when bugs do come up.

Once you have two subscribers paying $250 a month or $2,000 a year, you will earn a 50% commission on everyone who purchases a subscription through you. You will have the ability to adjust your pricing, so it's greater than, or less than, the default pricing of $250 per month or $2,000 per year. If you charge less, that's fine. We just require $125 per month or $1,000 a year. So, you would make the difference. For example, if you charged $1,500 for an annual subscription, we would make $1,000 and you would make $500. On the other end, if you were to increase the price, because it makes sense for your audience, that's fine too. It would just be a 50/50 split. So, if you charged $4,000 per year, you would keep $2,000 and we would keep $2,000. The payment then goes into an escrow account, which you will be able to monitor through a WLP dashboard. From there, you'll be able to request a transfer from the escrow account, into your bank. That is the process for getting paid.

Yes. If you have no desire to continue offering your white labeled business management platform to your clients, that's fine. We can transfer your subscribers to our own 4in10 account. You would not receive a 50% commission, but we would still provide you compensation for the lifetime of the subscriber. We would want to work with you to make that transition as smooth as possible.

The website builder. We designed and built our website builder to be better than what a typical "cheap" website builder can do. Specifically, our website builder is designed to not only to follow SEO best practices (ranking well on Google), but also to actually convert the website visitor into a qualified lead. Most website, in our experience, aren't designed for conversions as much as they're designed to just look pretty. In our mind, if we want you to be profitable, as a subscriber, the website needs to be more than just attractive. It needs to be results and goal oriented. That's what our website builder was created to do. So, rather than paying thousands of dollars for a quality website, our subscribers get quality for the cost of a subscription. As a bonus point, there is no cost for annual hosting with our website. That right there can save about $300 per year in annual hosting costs.

Yes, there's a whole lot more you will end up getting with your subscription. We have several full-time professionals working on the development of this platform. What you see now is only about 20% of what will ultimately be made available to our subscribers. However, the price you subscribe at will be the same price you are charged in the future. It won't go up as additional features are added.

This depends to a certain extent on the White Label Partner. Theoretically, it could take as little as 72 hours. A more realistic timeline would be 1-2 weeks. That would give the WLP enough time to get their landing pages situated, branded and ready to go.

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