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60% of all small businesses are not profitable

Company Identity

Many businesses know what they do but not why they do it, or why clients buy. Which leads to poor sales, products, training. This stops any business from growing. Our framework allows for you to identify who their target audience is and what matters to them, so you can make marketing and products that are perfect for your ideal client.


Even with the best of intentions and planning, things fall through the cracks if there is no accountability system. If a business has trouble keeping employees on track, making or achieving goals, or growing in a consistent manner, our Strategic Planning Framework and CRM will guide them to success.

Relationships First

Many business owners struggle with keeping up with their professional circle; Connections with employees, upper management, referral network or professional peers. Without relationships it is difficult to grow, so our Power Team, Contact Relations Management, and Accountability Framework is designed to give clarity and keep you on task without overwhelming you.

Help us help others

If you know business owners that struggle with:

Hitting or making goals, getting client attention, converting eyeballs on their website or paid marketing to sales. If you know someone struggling with obtaining employees that keep on task and work with their vision, gaining value out of their professional relationships

Then we can assist by providing the right tools:

Our accountability framework helps to keep track of goals and employees, Strategic planning suite to create tangible goals that push your business where you want it to go, Persona and Identity creation that makes your messaging cut through the noise and creates products that resonate. Relationship management tools such as the Power teams and CRM so you can keep track of any professional relationship in a simple format. A simplified website creator that anyone can control, designed to convert.

How the program works



Register as an affiliate to access your dashboard. Here you can set your pricing and access your affiliate link.



The first step of fixing an issue is identifying the root problem. Consider If you know business owners who would benefit from 4in10.



Offer 4in10 as a solution to their issue, and provide your personal affiliate link for them to sign up. 


Profit and Grow

4in10 splits the subscriber revenue 50% with its affiliates. Our goal is to incentivize growth in small businesses in any way we can, so we want to help affiliates grow right alongside the businesses they assist. 

Affiliates make 50%

Affiliates make 50% of every subscriber they bring in, forever. Our goal is to help small businesses become profitable, and that includes you.
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Yes. It is in beta. We are continuing to refine it and have plans to make this platform great. If you have suggestions on how to make it better, please don't hesitate to let us know. We value your feedback.

Nope, the only limit is your ability to sell. You set the price on your affiliate page so you can discount the affiliate link to your subscribers or raise the price to bundle with your other services.

No, we pay you your half as long as your subscribers stay subscribed. Your education and assistance might help someone stay subscribed, but we provide education on YouTube to assist in any knowledge gaps.

We get that 4in10 can feel big and scary at first. Besides the tutorials section listed in the menu at the top of this webpage, we will be continually posting educational content on YouTube to make sure everyone has free access to how education on how the platform is used. Leave us a comment on YouTube or email us at if there is something you'd like us to cover.

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