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Does the leading tech in your industry need to be better?

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” - Peter Drucker

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Many have million dollar ideas. Few act upon them.

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Creating a tech company sounds great, but where exactly does someone start? The first step is often unclear and seemingly not attainable.

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If only the tech solution could be implemented, work-life would be so much better. But instead, the industry remains stuck in inefficiency.

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When there’s an industry wide problem, there’s also an opportunity. And there should be someone willing and ready to help create the solution.

We help those who wish to improve technology their industry.


Here’s what moving forward looks like.


Start a Conversation

We can work with all sorts of industries and budgets. But to get started, we both need to have confidence that we're an excellent fit for tackling your industry-wide problem. That starts with a conversation. 


Ensure Perfection

If we are going to create tech, to fix an industry-wide problem, we're going to do it correctly. And to ensure quality, we need the industry exeperts (you) to help us achieve perfection. We build it. You approve it. 


Finalize a Plan

Assuming we are a good fit, we will work together to identify the industry specific problems, and how best to overcome them. Then, once the plan of action is finalized, we will begin the process of developing the solution.


Own the Solution

Upon completion, you will own the leading tech company in your industry. And as the owner, you will also be the first to experience the benefits. Your million dollar [or more] idea will become a reality, that you own. 

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Start the Conversation!

There’s no better time than now, to start creating the solution to your industry’s tech problems. We promise to do everything in our power to help you create the solution, and to do it affordably. Let’s discuss!


No. While it's true that 4in10 is continuing to evolve by leaps and bounds, it is not going to address industry specific tech challenges. Everything that will be built in 4in10 is something that is applicable and needed for all business owners. We will, for example, not developing a "charting" component for the medical industry.

The Industry Challenger is the professional that has identified an industry specific problem, they believe technology can be improved to fix the problem, and they want to create the solution. For example, the medical professional who wants a better system for charting, and they decide to create a tech company that makes charting easier and better. That individual is an Industry Challenger.

Yes. That would absolutely work. If someone wants to create an industry specific technology solution, to address a problem in their industry, and build it to integrate seamlessly as part of a 4in10, that would be a situation we'd gladly support.

No. If another company creates an industry wide solution, as their own tech company, they would own the rights to that tech company. 4in10 would not be able to provide that custom tech solution to other subscribers. Essentially, this situation would be very similar to what we do with White Label Partners (WLP). Another company would create a WLP account and start selling subscriptions. Then, in their own version of their white labeled offering, they would have us build out custom coding to make additional features that are relevant to their industry. If they were to ever sell their company, it would be with the technology that applies to their industry, along with all the annual recurring revenue that's generated through their WLP subscriptions. And only their subscribers would be able to access the industry specific technology that was built by the Industry Challenger, through the 4in10 development team.

Ultimately, the answer would depend upon the scope of work. We can't say without first having an in-depth conversation. However, we can tell you what the hourly rate would be. There are two options. The first option is that we would charge $150 per hour, and work as many hours as needed in order to get the work completed. The Industry Challenger would own 100% of the industry specific coding, which integrates perfectly with 4in10. With the second option, we would charge only $40 per hour, and work as many hours as needed to create the solution. But, in this scenario, 4in10 would retain a percentage of equity in the industry specific tech company. This is assuming the Industry Challenger intends to sell their tech company over the course of 3-4 years. If that's not an option, we could consider some other creative solutions to keep our development rate down to only $40 per hour.

We know multiple professionals and organizations that help tech startups with funding. The conditions will vary depending on the situation. And we can't guarantee how much funding they will provide or what they will required in exchange. But, we can certainly make introductions for you, and would be happy to do so.

That depends on the scope of work and available funding. Once we calculate the total hours required; and you let us know how much you would be able to budget per week, for development; we would then be able to estimate a completion date.

We can get started in one business day, from whenever we completely understand the scope of work, have funding secured, and have everything we need to begin.

Reach out via the contact form below, and give us a high-level overview of what you're wanting to do. Then, we're reach out and schedule a time to discuss in greater detail with you.

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