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How to manage your strategic plan in 4in10

It shouldn't be so challenging to manage a business.


Many business owners struggle to stay on top of customer service, production, sales, staff and everything else.



It can be incredibly overwhelming, and frustrating, when things are falling through the cracks and not being done correctly.

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It shouldn't be so challenging for small business owners to efficiently manage the various aspects of their business.

Our platform was built to make running a business easier.


How to manage your business via this platform.



The first step to using this business management platform is simply to subscribe. Once complete, you'll be able to add users and ensure both progress and accountability. 

Subscribe for only $250 a month or $2,000 a year, and cancel at any time. 


Assign Tactics (Tasks)

Accountability is key to management. This platform helps business owners create actionable tactics that can be assigned to those responsible for getting them done. 

Also, assign the person "in charge" of each tactic, set due dates, and color code based on priority. 


Create Your Strategic Plan

Create a strategic plan for your business. This includes identifying your goals, strategies, and tactics. Tactics are a vital component to successful management. 

This platform helps with the management of clients, projects, staff, websites, messaging and more. 


Review Progress

Use a color code system to see who's actively working on a tactic (at this very second), and where bottlenecks are occuring, preventing tactics from being completed. 

Each tactic has its own dedicated chat thread, along with an activity log, to show how things are progressing. 

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Subscribe Now!

We promise to do everything in our power to help you more efficiently manage your business. That's why this platform was built, and it will continue to evolve.


No. It's much more than that. In fact, one of our reasons for building this was because "project management" softwares share the same problems. Specifically, they focus on operational projects that need to be done, and not the company on the whole. This platform covers project management, but it also helps with sales management, marketing management, client management, and other aspects of management. If there's anything the company needs managed, this platform can help. So, it goes beyond the scope of just "projects." But if you need a project management software, this platform will do the job.

The pricing is fairly comparable, depending on how many users you need or how much storage capacity is required. But the biggest difference is that as a "business management platform" we offer far more than just managing projects. For example, Basecamp and Asana don't provide a full blown website builder with free website hosting to each subscriber. Also, we are continually adding additional features and benefits to our own platform, as we strive to be the leading comprehensive management platform for the small business community. What we have built, and continue to evolve, is outside the scope of what Basecamp and Asana have created.

Every tactic in the strategic plan is automatically populated into the accountability tab. You would simply need to assign the tactics to each user, indicate the due date, and mark the priority via our color coding system. Each tactic can be marked with a red, orange, yellow, green or black priority code.

Every tactic has its own chat thread. Everyone assigned to the tactic can discuss what's going on via that chat thread. The chat includes the ability to also upload files, such as Word documents, PDFs, images, etc. Due to this feature, the owner, admin or manager can go into the chat thread and see what's transpired since the tactic was assigned to each participant involved in getting it done. Also, there is an "Activity Log" that shows milestones associated with the tactic. For example, you can see when a tactic was assigned to someone, when it was in someone's "ballcourt" when it left their ballcourt, and when they logged time using a built-in time tracker. Additionally, there is a color code system to know where a tactic is in process, at any time. Users who have been assigned to the tactic, and have their name listed in green font, are actively using the time tracker on that tactic. Users who are assigned to the tactic, with their name listed in orange font, currently have the tactic in their ball court. Everyone is waiting on them, so the project can move forward. Users with their name in black font are assigned to the tactic, but they are currently waiting on someone else. Their hands are tied until someone else finishes what they're working on. This color coding system makes it easy to see at a glance, where any tactic is currently at, in process.

Yes, absolutely. You can bring them on, and actually collaborate with them. Alternatively, if you just want to add "Client" as the name of a user, and not actually give them access, that's fine as well. For example, perhaps you sent something to the client and you're waiting on them to finish reviewing and to give you approval to move forward. In that case, you could say the tactic is in the client's ballcourt, and make their name orange. The activity log would also indicate when it was passed to the client, so there is a record of this.

It depends. If things are falling through the cracks, and not getting done, then you could probably benefit greatly from this. Also, if you have multiple people you're managing, via third party vendors, or your clients are heavily involved in what you do, then it could make sense. However, if that's not really the case, and things aren't falling through the cracks, then it's not as critical that you use this component of the software.

No. Subscribers are given full access to the entire business management platform. Our accountability feature is just one component you will have access to. Click on "Why Subscribe" in the menu of our website to see the other reasons for subscribing.

We charge $250 per month or $2,000 per year, to subscribe to our entire business management platform.

The only additional cost that could apply is related to user generated data. Each subscriber (company) is provided up to 20 gigabytes of storage space, to upload files. For comparison, Google Drive provides 15 gigabytes. So, our subscribers get an additional 25% more than what Google Drive offers. Once that threshold is reached, we charge an additional $0.50 per gigabyte, per month. This is billed monthly. This situation isn't common, but could happen if you have a ton of large files. Otherwise, there are no costs for bringing on additional users or anything like that.

Nothing! We feel like that would be penalizing you for growing. Charging you for adding users feels wrong and goes against our grain. We're here to help you grow, and not nickel and dime you for bringing on other users. So, go ahead and add whomever you like.

Yes. We are currently offering a lifetime 50% discount to the first 100 beta subscribers. We have not yet reached 100 subscribers, so the discount is still available, as of October 18, 2022.

Yes. There are no long term contracts or commitments. If you stop making payments on your account, it will just be suspended, until payments are resumed. If too much time passes, without payment being made, we will delete the account.

Beta essentially means it's a new platform. We may identify bugs that come up as a result of growing and gaining subscribers. So, we ask for patience as we identify and resolve these. Additionally, there are tons of additional features we have slated for development, down the road. Beta subscribers won't be able to access those features until they are fully developed. That's part of the reason for which we offer a 50% discount to the first 100 subscribers. The revenue generated through their subscriptions helps us fund ongoing and future development, making this platform better for everyone who subscribes.

Right now. Go ahead, scroll up, and click the button to get started! :-) ... Of course, if you still have questions, use the contact form below to let us know. Otherwise, happy subscribing!

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