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For every 10 businesses, four are profitable. Is yours?

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” - Henry Ford

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Achieving profitability is easier said than done.



The typical small business owner needs quality support, but struggles being able to find and afford it.



Most businesses are not profitable. This leads to frustration, fatigue, burnout, and even depression.



"Small businesses" account for 99.9% of all businesses in the US. It shouldn't be so difficult for them to be profitable.

Providing affordable profitability is why we exist.

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How to benefit from 4in10?



Subscribe to 4in10 to get full access to our platform, which was created to help you become more profitable.

Pricing is $2,000 per year, or $250 per month; Unless you need massive amounts of storage space, which most small businesses don’t need.



Use our platform to stay on top of your goals, assist with your marketing, take care of team, project and client management... and much more!

Need help getting started? We can assist for a minimal cost, or no cost at all, depending on the situation. 



Use our business management platform to manage accountability, and general operations of your business with minimal effort on your part. 

This platform was created specifically with the small business owner in mind, to help them achieve profitability. 



Spend less time trying to figure out what you need to do, and use the systems we've already figured out and provide, to make your life easier. 

It shouldn't be so hard to manage a small businesses. And now, through this platform, it isn't.

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We promise to do everything in our power to help you become more profitable. That's why we exist, and would love the opportunity to assist you.
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Subscriptions are charged at $250 per month or $2,000 per year. Every subscriber is provided access to the entire platform, with all features included.

Yes. We are currently offering a lifetime 50% discount to the first 100 beta subscribers. We have not yet reached 100 subscribers, so the discount is still available, as of October, 2022.

Yes. There are no long term contracts or commitments. If you stop making payments on your account, it will just be suspended, until payments are resumed. If too much time passes, without payment being made, we will delete the account.

If you want to give the subscription a test run, we'd suggest a monthly plan. This way you can try it out until you're sure you love it. Once you are sure you want to use it long-term, we'd suggest transitioning over to an annual subscription. This will cut your annual subscription costs down by 50%, which is a pretty good savings.

This is a "business management platform." It helps you manage your business. There are currently four main ways it does this. First, it helps you manage your goals and make sure you have a clear plan for evolving your business and making sure you aren't stagnant in your growth. Second, it helps you with the management of marketing, sales, operations, clients, vendors, and team members. Third, it helps with the management of your marketing. Fourth, it helps you manage your overall business plan. Additionally, we are still building out additional functionality. While we've invested more than 7,000 in creating this platform, we are nowhere near finished. By the time we are done, it will provide significantly more value than what it currently provides, which is already a tremendous amount.

Beta essentially means it's a new platform. We may identify bugs that come up as a result of growing and gaining subscribers. So, we ask for patience as we identify and resolve these. Additionally, there are tons of additional features we have slated for development, down the road. Beta subscribers won't be able to access those features until they are fully developed. That's part of the reason for which we offer a 50% discount to the first 100 subscribers. The revenue generated through their subscriptions helps us fund ongoing and future development, making this platform better for everyone who subscribes.

The most popular benefit to subscribing is the website builder. There are plenty of website builders out there, but we believe none of them are designed to provide the same quality of results as ours. Additionally, there is no hosting cost to keep the website up. That right there can save hundreds of dollars per month, depending on the quality of hosting provided elsewhere. This isn't the only reason a startup should subscribe. But it is the most popular reason. And being able to pay a lower monthly subscription amount of $250, rather than thousands upfront, is often a great value to a new startup.

There is no additional cost per user! We feel like that would be penalizing you for growing. Charging you for adding users feels wrong and goes against our grain. We're here to help you grow, and not nickel and dime you for bringing on other users. So, go ahead and add whomever you like.

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